Sturgeon’s ‘nonsense’ independence bid brilliantly shut down – ‘Further away than ever!’

Scottish First Minister and SNP leader Ms Sturgeon has been pushing for a second independence referendum in recent months, despite claiming the first independence referendum of 2014 was a “once in a generation” opportunity. She claims that Scotland voted then to stay in the UK believing it would mean staying in the EU and therefore Brexit means the Scottish people should get a second vote.

The SNP secured an additional 13 seats after the election last week, bringing its total in the House of Commons to 48 out of a possible 59 Scottish places available.

While the Conservatives only won six seats in the election, former Conservative candidate for Perth and North Perthshire and Tory councillor for Perth and Kinross disputed Ms Sturgeon’s supposed claim for indyref2.

In an exclusive interview with, he said: “Independence is further than ever away.

“The SNP did well last [week] but not as well as the last time immediately after the [2014] referendum – that success didn’t deliver indyref2 and this one won’t either.

“As is always the case, the SNP go to the electorate prior to a vote saying this has nothing to do with indyref2 and the minute the polls close they will suddenly say all those votes are now a cast iron mandate for another referendum.

“That’s simply nonsense.

“SNP candidates explicitly said they would not use a vote for the SNP as a vote for a second independence referendum.”

In the constituency of Gordon, SNP candidate Richard Thomson wrestled the seat from the Conservatives.

In one of his campaign videos posted online, he said: “A vote for me in this election will be a vote to Stop Brexit…What it absolutely is not is a vote for Scottish independence and I will never, ever, try and claim it as such.”

Former leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson tore this stance apart by saying on Friday: “You’ve now got some of [Nicola Sturgeon’s] candidates making social media videos saying I promise that I will not use any votes that I get to say it is for independence.

“And you know damn fine the next morning she is going to do exactly that.”

She then went on to say the SNP candidate who has been re-elected against Mr Forbes, Pete Wishart, sent out literature where independence “is not mentioned”.

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“And you just know that afterwards they are going to claim every vote for that anyway.”

Mr Thomson said in response: “It’s no secret that the SNP supports independence and we’ve been clear that Scotland has the right to determine its own future.”

As Mr Forbes explained: “The campaign they ran took two themes; lock Boris out of number ten and stop Brexit, that was the message on the side of the bus, none of their leaflets that I saw mentioned indyref2 or independence.

“Additionally, the Prime Minister has said that he will not allow another indyref in this parliament. I am happy that we have a majority across the country to get parliament unlocked and get back to normal business.”

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove reiterated this stance on Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday this morning, saying the Conservatives have “absolutely” ruled out permitting a second independence referendum.

Furthermore, while the SNP took home 45 percent of the vote share last week, the combined unionist parties won 55 percent.

As Mr Forbes added that these statistics show the SNP “have not made any progress on 2014” where the vote division was the same.

He continued: “The Conservatives in Scotland will carry on, we will look carefully at our campaign and see what we can learn from it and then be back to fight the next key election, which is the Scottish parliament [in May 2021].

“I don’t think Scots supported Sturgeon over Johnson. They supported a proposal to stop Brexit which was displayed on the side of a bus.

“I spoke to many people who were traditional Conservative voters who were drawn to the SNP idea of stopping Brexit but were categorically against another indyref.”

Ms Sturgeon on the other hand announced today on The Andrew Marr Show that Scotland “cannot be imprisoned in the UK” and said it was “fundamentally undemocratic” for Mr Johnson to prevent another independence referendum going ahead.

She said: “It really is such a subversion of democracy that you’re talking to the leader of the party that overwhelmingly won the election [in Scotland] and I’m under pressure to say what I’m doing because the mandate that I won is not going to be honoured by the party that got roundly defeated in Scotland.

“It is just such perversion and subversion of democracy that it will not hold.” 

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