Stylish Golden Retriever in bow tie stars at wedding as he gulps ‘cocktail’

Dog enjoys drink from a martini glass at a wedding

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And he even had a signature drink and joined in for ‘cocktail’ hour – gulping down some water from a fancy glass, the Daily Mirror reports. The clip, from TikTok user @fairytail_petcare, was a big hit on the video-sharing app, with over 268,000 views and over 32,000 likes.

The video starts with viewers getting a glimpse of Hank dressed to impress, with his sunglasses and bow tie on, plus a small waistcoat.

The next camera shot shows an excellent illustration of Hank which adorned the bar at the wedding, before the barmaid hands over the dog of honour’s drink.

Hank quickly gets stuck into his “cocktail”, as viewers are treated to a close-up shot of him enthusiastically sipping the water.

Viewers were obsessed with Hank after watching the clip, with one commenting: “This is the best.”

Another user wrote: “Our dog’s name is Guinness so her signature drink is pretty obvious.”

A third added: “You can also do chicken or bone broth as ‘beer’.”

Golden retrievers are proving to be one of the most popular breeds on TikTok, having racked up over 14 billion views.

Mango the golden retriever recently went viral after her reaction to being put on a diet by her vet was captured in a clip that amassed over 459,000 views.

The beautiful dog had sympathy from many quarters after she fumed at the lack of food in her bowl.

Her puppy dog eyes were melting hearts, with TikTok viewers feeling really sorry for her.

The breed also garnered further attention when goldies Gamja and Chip were caught bickering over a bully stick, which the latter had attempted to steal from his older brother.

The lovable gundogs are described by The Kennel Club as “kind, friendly and confident” and are known to be intelligent and affectionate family dogs.

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