Surprise family birthday party held for 90-year-old twins

Newcastle: 90-year-old twins celebrate their birthday

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Maureen McDade and Lilian Ness didn’t know anything about the bash – until they were both greeted by family members equipped with cards, gifts, balloons and banners at a community centre on Saturday. Relations travelled as far as the Isle of Skye – some 380 miles – to enjoy drinks, cake and music. 

Lilian’s daughter Linda McDonald, 61, helped arrange the surprise in Scotswood, Newcastle, reports Chronicle Live.

“We had an absolutely amazing day, it was fabulous. It was a total surprise to my mam and her sister, they thought they were just meeting up with each other for the day,” Linda said.

“My mam came into the venue first and then my aunt, and they were both just really surprised – they just didn’t expect it at all. There was so many members of the family which could attend which made it even better, and overall it was just a lovely, lovely day.”

Footage seen by Chronicle Live shows relations sing the sisters, born in 1932, Happy Birthday as they are presented with cake and flowers.

Maureen has four children – two girls and two boys – nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Her husband, John, died in 1988 in his early 60s.

Lilian has three children – two boys and a girl – as well as seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

The twins were born and raised in Scotswood as two of six children. During the war, the twins were evacuated with their younger sister Brenda to Longtown, Cumbria. Both the sisters left school at 14 and worked at Moat Builders Merchants in Leazes, Newcastle.

Lilian now lives in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Northumberland, and has done for the past 60 or so years, while Maureen lives in Benwell, Newcastle.

Linda said: “I think my mam slept like a log last night to be honest with you.

“They thoroughly enjoyed it.

“We made them cups of tea and took them bits of cake – they had a great day.”

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