Suspect package blown up in controlled explosion in field

The bomb squad has done a controlled explosion in a field this afternoon, leaving onlookers “frightened”. The explosion is thought to be linked to a “suspect item” found at an address in Glasgow on Monday. Emergency services descended on the flat in Petershill Road, Springburn. The Explosive Ordnance Team removed the item before returning today for the controlled explosion today.


Roughly a dozen workers from nearby saw the incident from a safe distance. 

Danielle Nicol, 37, who works at Carrick Packaging, captured the scene on her phone. She told Glasgow Live: “We saw the bomb disposal van park up put the item in the van and drove it across the road.

“Two guys in dark clothes took a little metal red box to the field, started digging a hole and put the item in the hole. Police officers cordoned off the area around the field.

“The next minute you know, it was set off.”

“We all jumped and got a fright when it happened. We weren’t even warned they were going to do that so close to our work.”

Police were alerted by reports of a “suspect item” inside the flat after 10am on Monday and a 50-year-old man was arrested in connection with the incident.

The Explosive Ordnance Team removed the item on Monday before returning for the controlled explosion today.

A police cordon remains as well as partial road closures on Petershill Road, Red Road, Oatfield Street and Dykemuir Street with diversions in place, reported Glasgow Live.



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