Suspected bomb leads to hundreds evacuated and roads shut

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Families have been urged to stay clear after construction workers at the third river crossing in Southtown Road in Great Yarmouth found the alleged explosive at 11.36 am today. Police went door to door and urged anyone inside the cordon to abandon their homes and places of business.

Police are advising residents to leave the area with with officers go to door to door clearing a hundred homes within the cordon.

The initial 100-meter boundary has been increased to 400 metres

The suspected bomb was discovered during dredging operations in the River Yare at Bollard Quay, not far from the intersection with Boundary Road.

There are presently the following road closures in effect:

From its intersection with Tollgate Road all the way to Beccles Road, Southtown Road is blocked off.

Part of Litchfield Road, off Southtown Road, is blocked off.

Williams Adam Way, off Southtown Road, is shut

Boundary Road is partially closed, off Southtown Road.

Southtown Road’s Tollgate Road is blocked off.

Drivers and pedestrians have been asked to stay away from the area.


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