Sussexes missed ‘great opportunity’ to modernise the Royal Family

Jennie Bond says William 'was right' about Meghan needing time

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Speaking after the release of the first half of the couple’s new Netflix series, Harry and Meghan, Ms Bond has stated that the long-awaited docu-series appears to show just how much the couple “missed the chance to reform the monarchy”, adding that, prior to their departure, the couple had a “great opportunity” to modernise the Royal Family.

In her opinion piece for, Ms Bond stated that Meghan is the “incarnation of what a forward-thinking monarchy should look like”.

She added: “The tragedy is that [Harry and Meghan] decided to leave when they could have done so much”.

Speaking of Meghan, Ms Bond continued: “I don’t think the Royal Family was so dim that they didn’t realise having an independent, forthright woman of mixed heritage was a good look for a modern monarchy.”

She described Meghan as a “mentor” for her husband, adding that the 41-year-old “helped Harry – and many of us – step onto a learning curve about language means and how we should use it more carefully”.

Praising Meghan, she claimed that the Duchess has “opened [Harry’s] eyes to racial prejudice” and that he is now “more keenly aware” of it, amid comments, in the show, that Harry is “very proud” of his two children’s mixed heritage.

She goes on to state that the show gives a “sharp focus” on “what a loss” the couple have been to the family.

Speaking of the “tragedy”, Ms Bond added that the Palace “must hold some responsibility” that Meghan’s entrance into the Royal Family “couldn’t work and wasn’t made to work”.

Following Meghan’s claims that she was given “inadequate” training when she was set to marry Prince Harry, Ms Bond added that Harry “also must hold some responsibility” that Meghan was “woefully unprepared”.

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Ms Bond stated that Meghan “could have been a new model” for the Royal Family, but as this didn’t work, that “is a regret”.

The second half of Harry and Meghan is set to be released on December 15.

The Volume II release comes on the same day that Harry’s sister-in-law Kate prepares to host her second annual Christmas carol service, that will be aired on ITV on Christmas Eve.


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The bombshell series was released two years after Meghan and Harry signed the lucrative multi-million dollar deal with Netflix in 2020.

The deal was signed after, in their departure statement, the pair declared that they wished to “work to become financially independent”.


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