Sweet Golden Retriever puppy tries to fight older siblings in lovable video

Golden Retriever puppy attempts to play with older siblings

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But little Millie, a Golden Retriever, doesn’t seem to realise how tiny she is in this adorable clip. She only wanted to be included in a wrestling match with her big sisters, but her small stature did her no favours in her attempts to get their attention.

The video, which was posted by the TikTok user @missygoldenretrievers, was a massive hit on the app, with over 539,000 views and almost 75,000 likes.

The clip starts with Millie attempting to get her sisters’ attention, but they are too busy play-fighting to notice the little tyke jumping all over them.

Millie then attempts to involve herself by nibbling at her older sister’s leg, but this also fails to distract the larger dogs from their ongoing battle.

Eventually, Millie is forced to resort to sticking her face right into the middle of the battle, but when this doesn’t work she switches back to her earlier leg biting tactics. 

Unfortunately, Millie is unable to gain the attention she is after this time around, as her small frame doesn’t yet have the necessary size to get properly involved in her sister’s battles.

Viewers were very sympathetic towards the puppy, with one user commenting: “Poor Millie is being ignored.”

Another wrote: “Omg she wants to participate but she’s so small! So cute.”

A third added: “Aw they are completely ignoring her bless her heart lol.”

Millie can’t seem to get the attention of her sisters


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