‘Targeting the elderly’ Sadiq Khan blasted over ULEZ expansion

Sadiq Khan's ULEZ expansion is 'appalling' says Norris

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As of Monday, the Mayor of London introduced the extension of ULEZ across London. The new £12.50 charge is applied on top of the already £15 congestion charge to all petrol and diesel cars, vans, lorries and motorcycles.

The only exception is if they meet ultra-strict emissions standards.

It means drivers will face a £27.50-a-day charge to drive into central London if their car does not meet the ULEZ standards.

Now, John Moss, Conservative councillor for Chingford, has blasted the Mayor of London for the expansion and accused Mr Khan of not ruling out the installation of gas boilers in new homes.

He told “Only a very small proportion of emissions come from vehicles that will be subject to the charge.

“There are mitigation measures for major routes and hot spot junctions and he could tackle the bigger sources of emissions, which are gas boilers heating homes and business premises.

“Why didn’t he rule out new gas boilers in new homes and business premises in the London Plan?”

Mr Moss added people in low paid jobs and low income elderly people will be affected most by the expansion.

He continued: “Mostly borne by people in low paid jobs and low income elderly people who rely on their cars.

“Most businesses have changed their vehicles so they won’t be driving any less.”

He also said the expansion – which was introduced on Monday – said it is “less justified” than it was when it originally proposed.

Mr Moss added: “Given the success of the central London ULEZ it is even less justified than it was when originally proposed.”

The zone will be expanded from Westminster and the City of London to all inner London inside the north and south circular road.

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It will be 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All petrol cars made after January 2006 and diesel cars made after September 2015 do meet the ULEZ standards.

However, many ambulances, Ubers and delivery drivers and buses do not.

The expansion will be 18 times larger than it is currently meaning around 100,000 more cars, 35,000 vans and 3,000 lorries will be affected.

Lorries and buses who do not pay the fees will also face a fine of up to £100.

Days before the expansion is set to be introduced, Mr Khan visited the ULEZ control centre in Capita.

He said: “I’m committed to building bridges between London and the rest of our country and showcasing how the capital can help the national recovery and the levelling up agenda.

“Together, Capita’s TfL contracts and the state-of-the-art London Electric Vehicle Company in Coventry employ 2,200 people in the West Midlands and North of England, showing clearly how London relies on the skills of other regions and that investment in our capital can help create quality green jobs across the country.

“Tackling the climate crisis and growing our economy across the UK is about regions working together and investing in new technologies.

“London is ready and willing to play its part in ensuring a strong and green national recovery from this terrible pandemic.”

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