Teacher accused of having sex with pupil in a hotel after prom struck off

Teacher faces being struck off after being accused of prom night sex with pupil

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Melissa Tweedie, 27, was alleged to have slept with a pupil at a hotel after a prom. The pupil was 18 years old and Tweedie was, at the time, 23. She has now, almost five years later, been banned from teaching.

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) engaged in a five-day hearing on Tweedie’s conduct, concluding today, on Monday.

The panel did not find the allegation Tweedie had sex with a pupil five years her younger proven on the weight of the evidence provided to it.

It did, however, find that Tweedie kissed a pupil at a Premier Inn hotel following a prom.

She also stated words to the effect of “can we for a minute act like I’m not a teacher” to at least one pupil and when alone on a bed with one pupil, according to the Scottish Sun.

David Nicholls, then the Headteacher of the school where Tweedie taught PE, told the panel he drove to the hotel in the early hours after becoming concerned that “something was wrong”.

He said: “When I got into the foyer I found six pupils, including the Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. They seemed anxious and said that a member of staff was in the hotel.

“Hotel staff asked the age of the people involved and when they ascertained that they were of legal age, they said it was not their problem.

“One of the boys was adamant that they saw her in one of the hotel rooms.”

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The head called Tweedie who “told me that she had been at the hotel but was now at home”.

He added: “I told her to come and see me in the morning. The students showed me how to take a snapshot of my location on my phone.

“I sent that to her and asked her to send the same. She did not reply.”

The next day, Mr Nicholls said the pupil of concern claimed to have had sex with a teacher.

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Upon hearing this evidence, Arthur Stewart, speaking on behalf of the GTCS panel, said: “It is the view of the panel that the teacher has fallen significantly short of the standards and therefore is unfit to teach.

“As Miss Tweedie has been found unfit to teach the panel must direct that Miss Tweedie’s name be removed from the General Teaching Council from Scotland’s register.”

Presenting Officer Gary Burton added there has been “limited remorse” from Tweedie.

It was recommended she should not be allowed to reapply to become a teacher for two years.

The former teacher is also alleged to have danced inappropriately with pupils on the prom night.

In a statement, she said she went to the hotel after becoming alarmed about a pupil who allegedly had cocaine.

Susan Bell, Renfrewshire Council education manager, last week told the panel: “[Tweedie] had come to the conclusion that her drink had been spiked and that she would not have engaged in sexual intercourse as it was her time of the month.”

Tweedie now works as a yoga teacher in Dubai.

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