Teachers set off fire alarms to crack down on ‘TikTok riots’

Shenfield High School students share protests on TikTok

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Panicked teachers were forced to set off a fire alarm in a desperate bid to stop a riot held by secondary school students against gender-neutral toilets. Oasis Academy Mayfield school in Southampton was one of England’s latest schools to fall victim to the “TikTok riots” with around 300 pupils chanting “toilet rights” in protest of the “unfair” new toilet rules. Schools around the nation have been in a state of anarchy over the past few weeks as a result of TikTok-organised rallies that students are organising against their teachers for what they have dubbed “prison rules”.

Pupils took to the playground to express how “uncomfortable” they find it to use unisex restrooms and the rules that specify when they can use them.

As soon as Monday’s protests dispersed, the school’s leadership team cracked down on rebellious pupils, warning them they would not be allowed to participate in prom if they took part in protests.

A Year 11 student from Oasis Academy Mayfield reportedly raised “privacy” concerns around “unisex toilets” which he says “make me feel extremely vulnerable and uncomfortable”.

The pupil added: “Also, it is really damaging when I am not allowed to go to the toilet while I am on my period. It feels as if I have to fight against the teachers for a basic human right and it makes me wonder if our school is truly as progressive as they say they are.”

Other schools in Cornwall, Leeds, North Yorkshire, South Essex and Lincolnshire have been taken by storm by the social media movement.

Students in a Cornwall school were seen throwing tables over when they were told that female students on their period needed to request a “red card” and that kids may only use the restroom outside of class.

Last Friday’s “TikTok riot” even compelled Warriner School to scrap plans on a “gender neutral” PE kit and a ban on females wearing skirts.

Dr Annabel Kay, the executive headteacher, apologised on the school’s website for “under-estimating the strength of feeling on this issue” and “not properly engaging or consulting with all parents and students”.

She said: “We have listened to our students and we are committed to engaging further on our uniform policy, and on other future policy changes, with both parents and students in a constructive and positive manner.”

Parents of students at Haven High in Lincolnshire claim that discontent also started when students were told they couldn’t use the restroom during class.

They said: “For some strange reason the headteacher seems to be throwing prison rules into the school where corridors and toilet blocks are locked during school time. If they need the toilet or anything they have to go through this teacher and that teacher, it’s just like a prison in there.

“They can’t wear any sort of jewellery and no make-up. If mobile phones are switched on then they get confiscated until after school. All the students protested and went onto the school field. Some teachers were trying to get them back in but they were saying ‘no’.”

Another school in Greater Manchester is forcing students to queue outside before being “searched” to make sure they have their “learning resources ready”.

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Videos have circulated showing students disrupting school activities in protest of rules they disagree with, such as toilet and uniform policies.

Students at Weston Secondary School in Southampton demonstrated against rules that allow boys and girls to use the same toilets.

Pupil Cloe, 14, told the Mail Online: “We don’t think it’s fair, girls in our school are not comfortable. People think it’s funny to unlock the doors while you’re in there.

“We’re trying to tell the teachers that it’s just not fair. We’ve tried to talk to them before we did a protest but they’re just ignoring it.”

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