Teen girl 'punches an Asian mum in front of her family in New York subway'

A teenage girl allegedly punched an Asian mother and pulled her hair in front of their family in a possible crime in a New York City subway car.

Sue Young, 51, was visiting from Nevada and riding the F train near West 14th Street with her husband and their twin 11-year-old daughters, when she saw a group of teen girls sitting across that she suspected were making fun of them.

Young decided to laugh with them, which worsened the situation on Sunday night.

‘It was just insult, after insult, after insult,’ Young told CBS New York. ‘And, finally, my husband felt like he needed to step in and so he was like, “Can you use some better words besides those?”‘

The teen soon saw that a straphanger was recording them, and attacked her. One of the teen girls reportedly punched the rider, Joanna Lin, who shared her video of the encounter with the New York Post.

‘Same girl saw me with the phone. She ran over, grabbed me by the hair, threw me on the ground and started punching me several times,’ Lin told CBS New York.

‘And I was like, “You know what? Let me protect myself.” Boxing stance. It doesn’t matter what gender or race, it should never happen.’

At that point, Young stepped in and pushed one of the assailants away, which prompted the same teen to go at her again.

‘My glasses got broken. I’ve had headache for a couple of days now because my hair was pulled and so my scalp was very tender. I got like a whiplashy neck,’ said Young.

She also suffered two bruises on her arms.

‘You just go into survival mode and you just want to protect yourself,’ Young told ABC 7.

Other riders managed to stop the attack and helped the family and Lin exit at the next station. They then called cops.

The incident is being investigated by the New York Police Department’s Hate Crimes Task Force.

Young said she would like to meet and speak with the teen attackers and hopes her own twins will take away something positive.

‘I want everyone to see that we can bridge this, that maybe there’s good in those girls,’ Young said. ‘And I want something positive to come out, instead of just throwing them in jail.’

Anyone with information on the attack is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

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