Teenage model lined up to be the next queen of Italy

Vittoria di Savoia, who is currently studying political science and history of art at the University of London and has nearly 80,000 followers on Instagram, has been called the “Rock n’Roll Princess” by her father, Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy.

He has vowed to renounce his claim to Italy’s throne so that the title skips a generation to his elder daughter, Vittoria, 19, and presents a modern face of monarchy to Italians.

But he is not quite ready to do it yet.

Emanuele Filiberto, 50, a colourful Los Angeles restaurateur and Italian television personality who as a claimant to be heir apparent to the throne styles himself as Prince of Venice, has never given up hope that his country’s decision in a 1946 referendum to abolish the monarchy might be overturned.

“I will, with great pleasure, step down and let her take on the role, which I’m sure she will do better than me,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

But he added: “It won’t be tomorrow or in one year, but when she is ready. It’s important that the younger generation have a chance to put new, modern ideas into practice.”

“They are much more conscious than us of the problems facing the world. And it is important that she doesn’t become the heir at too late a stage in her life.”

The prince’s father, Vittorio Emanuele, 86, the Prince of Naples, is the son of Italy’s last King, Umberto II, who was deposed after the Second World War because of hostility towards his earlier accommodation with Benito Mussolini’s fascism and antisemitism.

In 2021 he paved the way for Vittoria’s eventual role by changing an ancient custom known as the Salic Law, which allowed for only male heirs to succeed to the throne.

However, Vittoria, who has previously stated that she wants to be a fashion designer, faces two major obstacles in her path. Another branch of the family also has a pretender to the throne – Prince Aimone, Duke of Aosta, 55 – and, perhaps more importantly, Italians show no sign of wanting the monarchy back.

In 2018 a poll found 12 million Italians, 15 percent of the population, were in favour of restoring the monarchy, but monarchist parties have failed to win any seats in the country’s parliament.

Italy’s constitution also prevents any restoration of the monarchy so there would have to be a revolution.

But Emanuele Filiberto, who starred in Italy’s version of Strictly Come Dancing, insisted many people were still attracted to the idea of a Royal Family.

“People like it,” he said. “Look at the astronomical numbers who watched the funeral of Queen Elizabeth and then the Coronation of King Charles III in Britain.”

“I think in times of crisis people see a strong, almost spiritual presence in kings and queens.”

He said Vittoria would take on responsibility for the House of Savoy’s charities, which last year spent around £800,000 on projects.

But for now, she and her younger sister Luisa, who is at boarding school in Oxford, will remain in the UK. “They are really loving their time in England a lot. They don’t want to come back and see us,” the prince told the paper.

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