Tesco store becomes nation’s ‘cheapest’ petrol station after huge error with price signs

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The station in Sheerness, Kent saw the prices on the sign reduced to levels which are unheard of anywhere else in the country. These impressive prices are not caused by bargains by the company, but instead comes from an incident involving a certain rodent.

A rat had entered the facility and chewed through a cable which was used for updating the prices.

The board shows the prices at a level way lower than the national average.

The sign has the cost of the petrol as sitting at 134.9p a litre and diesel at 136.9p.

The average price of petrol has recently hit a record high, as petrol costs 144.9p a litre and diesel 148.84p.

But the error has allowed drivers to have some midweek luck, as the manager of this station has committed to charging customers the prices as shown on the sign.

And expectedly, customers are taking full advantage of this as drivers have been spotted filling their tanks during this time.

Despite the glory of the cheap prices at the station, it is not all good news.

Contactless payments are unable to be used in the branch, although customers are still able to use their PIN and cash.

A source close to Tesco said: “We are closing our Sheerness Extra petrol garage for a short time while we fix a technical issue.

“This is not impacting any other Tesco petrol garages.”

This ‘reduction’ in prices comes after Glasgow has been invested with a large amount of rats in the city.

Glasgow’s SNP council leader Susan Aitken said she was “not embarrassed” by the city’s state, saying other cities are worse than Glasgow.

Ms Aitken also went on to blame Margaret Thatcher for the current state of the city, saying the former Prime Minister had “abandoned” the city.

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Author and Commentator, Brian Monteith, had ridiculed the council leader for these comments.

Speaking to GB News, Mr Monteith said: “It’s to change the narrative which is the part of the political process the SNP want to embrace, create.

“The truth is that from 1980 the Thatcher Government was pouring money into Glasgow for east end regeneration.

“The very conference centre that Cop26 is being held in was receiving money from Thatcher’s Government in 1985 to be built.

“The truth is that Glasgow was just unfortunate it had so much heavy industry and it needed help, a lot of help.

“Thatcher’s UK Government came to Glasgow’s aid.

“There’s an argument that it may not have done enough but it certainly did not walk away or neglect Glasgow, it supported Glasgow.”

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