‘That is uncanny!’ Princess Charlotte’s likeness to Queen’s niece sparks royal fan frenzy

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People have taken to social media to express their delight at the “uncanny” resemblance between Princess Charlotte, 6, and the Queen’s only niece Lady Sarah Chatto. Lady Sarah is the second and youngest child of Princess Margaret and her husband Antony Armstrong-Jones.

The royal, who is the first cousin of Prince Charles, has lived a private life away from media scrutiny, and works as a painter but its images of her during her youth that have caught fans attention.

Snaps of the 57-year-old royal when she was younger share a striking resemblance to Charlotte, Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge’s, only daughter.

Many fans took to social media to point out the unbelievable likeness the youngster shares with one of her royal relatives.

An unearthed photograph taken when Lady Sarah was around five years old, shows recognisable features seen on young Charlotte, evident through their similar button noses and rosy cheeks.

A frenzy broke out on social media, with royal fans delighting in the doppelgänger that had been unearthed.

Twitter user Corrina Whelan expressed their disbelief writing “Omg that is uncanny” while Dusty Reign wrote: “Oh wow!!! Look at that resemblance!”

Another user also claimed the likeness was “spot on” while Betsy Paige added “Holy cow, same face….!”

One Twitter user was even more vocal about their thoughts, writing “I’m blue in the face from saying she is Lady Sarah’s double since she was born!”

According to fans though, Lady Sarah Chatto is not the only relative that Princess Charlotte shares her likeness with.

Others pointed out that they think Charlotte resembles Queen Elizabeth II and the late Princess Diana, as well as the Princess of Wales’s niece, Lady Kitty Spencer.

One user wrote: “I get so confused with Charlotte…I see Lady Sarah a lot, but I also see a faint glimpse of Catherine in this photo. Also the Queen and William and Diana are there as well. Genetics are so interesting!”

While a fan using the handle RoyalCrown___ added: “Charlotte & Sarah look alike in this particular photo but Charlotte is very much a Spencer. Even Will thought a photo of himself at the event in Bradford in January was Charlotte.”

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The user refers to a visit to Bradford in 2020, where Charlotte’s parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge examined a cake which was designed by Siami Ali, when Prince William noticed something “incredible”.

The future king pointed to a photo of himself dressed in a red jumpsuit from 1992 and was stunned at his resemblance to his daughter.

The similarity meant the royal was forced to do a double take, and then said to his wife: “Is that me? Doesn’t it look like Charlotte?”

The Duchess of Cambridge came for a closer look and agreed saying: “It looks so much like Charlotte.”

William repeated his previous sentiment about the spitting image, adding: “Is that me? That looks just like Charlotte. That’s incredible, I haven’t seen that before. Very alike in similarity.”

That’s not the only resemblance that’s been spotted though as historically, Royal Family members have also been compared to others in their midst.

Fans have also pointed out how eerily alike Princess Beatrice and Queen Victoria look.

While Zara Tindall is said to look like the Queen’s aunt, The Countess of Harewood.

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