The 6 tragic words said by Nicola Bulley’s daughter

Nicola Bulley’s daughter spots police helicopter

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Nicola Bulley’s daughter had a heartbreaking reaction to teams searching for her mum in a poignant moment caught on camera. 

The 45-year-old disappeared on Friday January 27 after dropping her children off at school in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire.

She was last seen walking her dog next to the River Wyre at 9.10am that morning, before going missing at an unknown point between then and 9.35am. Her phone was found on a bench, still connected to a conference call, and her dog detached from its lead.

The operating theory from coppers as to how she went missing is that she fell into the icy river when trying to retrieve her dog’s ball, but her family have cast doubt over this.

A video shared with Sky News showed Ms Bulley’s daughter Sophia, six, spotting the search and rescue helicopters looking for her mum.

She can be heard saying: “Them helicopters, they’re looking for mummy.”

A family friend recently revealed that the mortgage advisor’s two daughters have been having sleepovers with friends to “take their minds off” the search.

Another friend told Sky News: “If something was in the diary, it’s been kept in the diary.

“They are aware that something is happening but we’re trying to keep it away from the school.

“They just desperately want her home and that is all they are asking all the time is ‘where is she and is she coming home?’.”

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