The first picture of the Leonberger at centre of beauty spot tragedy

Faye Winter left stunned after dog walker confrontation

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In the aftermath of attack, which rocked the local community, people have been laying flowers near the scene where the incident occurred.

Although the police tent and cordons have now gone, the incident has continued to send shockwaves not just for the loss of life, but how it was lost.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, one horsewoman, believed to be the last person to see the young woman alive, said: “When we saw her she was about 50ft away.

“She was swamped by at least four medium-sized dogs, maybe more, attacking her, pulling ather arms and sides and she was screaming and shouting.”

The witness said the most chilling thing about the incident was that there was no barking.

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The horsewoman added: “The dogs must have been on the lead because they were in such close proximity.

“I don’t know why they kicked off the way they did. Maybe a couple were fighting with each other and she tried to intervene, and she got in the way and they saw red and just kept going.

“When she saw us, she shouted: “Turn back, turn back!”

“I cannot see how she could have got up. Once you’re down and the dogs are attacking lie that, how you could get up?”

Following on from the attack, all the dogs involved have been taken into police custody and are now being assessed by canine specialists.

Also speaking to the Daily Mail, one of the owners said: “I don’t know what is going to happen. I know the victim who died, shes a friend, so I don’t want to say more.”

Following the conclusion of the investigation, the police cordons were removed and police tent taken from the scene.

Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped those who walk Gravelly Hill from enjoying the area in a slightly more sober mood.

The attack has had an impact on all those who saw and heard it.

Furthermore, the attack comes as both the dog population, and number of people buying dogs in the UK, is on the rise.

It is believed that the dog population in the UK has grown by around 44 percent in recent years, something driven in part by the pandemic and people buying puppies during lockdown.

The number of dog bites has also risen sharply. At the moment the NHS reports around 8,000 dog related injuries every year.

Experts havw warned that the pandemic puppy boom has led to a generation of pets poorly trained and poorly socialised.

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