The FIVE surprising foods banned from the Queen’s dining table

Queen Elizabeth II 'hates garlic' reveals former royal chef

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The Queen may be known for her no-nonsense attitude, but when it comes to mealtimes the Queen can be a surprisingly picky eater. Certain foods are totally off-limits for the Queen. Here are five foods royal chefs are banned from serving according to a former palace staffer.

Rare meat

According to the Queen’s former chef, Darren McGrady, the Queen isn’t a fan of rare meat.

The royal chef said the Queen prefers her meat well done.

Dishes containing raw meats such as steak tartare are also banned from the menu during her royal engagements over food poisoning concerns.

Starchy carbs

The Queen isn’t a fan of starchy carbs such as potatoes, rice and pasta.

Mr McGrady let slip that her Majesty prefers simple dishes of just vegetables with meat or fish.


Shellfish may be heralded as a delicacy but they are strictly off the menu for the royals.

The food carries a high risk of food poisoning, so it’s considered too risky for her Majesty to eat on royal tours and during engagements.

Former royal butler Grant Harold, told Woman & Home, “It is a very sensible move to abandon having seafood when out and about on public duties.

“We don’t want a member of the Royal family having a serious reaction to food poisoning, especially if she is on an overseas tour.”


Dishes with garlic or too much onion in them are banned from Buckingham Palace.

Former royal chef John Higgins explained that concerns over bad breath while on royal engagements might be behind this bizarre rule.

He told Woman & Home: “The royal family are wonderful people but they’re missing out on garlic because at Buckingham Palace you don’t cook with garlic. I suppose, in case you get the royal burp.”

The Duchess of Cornwall confirmed this concern when appearing on MasterChef Australia.

When asked which foods the royals had to steer clear of Camilla said: “I hate to say this, but garlic. Garlic is a no-no.”


The Queen may be a fan of afternoon tea, but woe betides any royal chef who tries to serve her sandwiches with the crusts left on them.

According to former royal chef, Owen Hodgson, her majesty prefers her sarnies crustless.

He told The Telegraph: “A chef told me off for serving the sandwiches with crusts.”

The Queen’s favourite sandwich is reportedly tuna mayo with thin slices of cucumber, a dash of pepper and both slices of bread well buttered.

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