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Collaboration and efficiency in the workplace has never been easier than in 2022 with these tech buys.

With so much tech innovation in 2022, why not make your daily life easier with some buys that will transform your life.

So get shopping and see what you can do to make your life sleeker with the help of technology.

Meta Quest Pro

While some people are more than happy to slip on VR face furniture and step into virtual worlds to shoot zombies and the like, the average person is still wondering what the fuss is all about.

Well, Meta (formerly known as Facebook), has one answer – to access virtual displays with its new Meta Quest Pro Mixed Reality headset.

Using apps such as Immersed, it can project up to five displays into your field of view for a serious multi-screen set-up with your physical laptop.

You might not want it strapped to your face all day but it’s ideal for privacy, game-changing for multiple screens on the move and so much more.

Buy it for £1,499.99 at Meta.

Asus Zenbook Fold 17

Going where no laptop has gone before, Asus’ shape-shifting OLED laptop makes traditional models look positively dull. Laid flat, the Zenbook Fold looks like a supersized 17.3in slate.

Fold it upright and it pivots 90 degrees, transforming into a more conventional-looking 12.5in laptop. This offers the option to use the bottom section of the screen as a virtual keyboard, or snap on the (included) compatible magnetic Bluetooth keyboard and touchpad that sits on top.

Automatically shutting Windows off the lower screen, shifting the taskbar and all your app windows to the upper display, is a nice touch too. Alternatively, use it with the physical Bluetooth keyboard to take advantage of all that gorgeous screen real estate.

The 12th generation Intel processor means it’s fast, responsive and capable of running multiple programs simultaneously. A 75WHr battery provides juice for just under seven hours, while two USB-C ports, Harman Kardon audio with Dolby Atmos, and a 5MP video calling camera, complete the line-up. It’s bulky but this all-screen experience strikes a brilliant balance between mobility and productivity.

Buy it for £3,299 from Currys.

Adobe Backdrop Neural Filter

Imagine being able to ask Photoshop to add an object to a scene or to take you to Brazil by adding a new backdrop to your image. Or asking Lightroom to change photos from night to day, all using a text prompt?

Adobe has been getting on the buzz around text-to-image generators such as Dall-E and DreamStudio AI, which create images based on text you type.

At its Max 2022 event last month, the software giant revealed experiments in the field have led to its own version, a Beta feature called Backdrop Neural Filter. New tools are set to follow and could eventually lead to similar digital conjurings available in video form.

Microsoft Mesh

We’re not fully in metaverse territory yet but with virtual and augmented reality able to transform how we work, Microsoft’s jumping in early with Mesh for Teams.

Donning headsets, or using a laptop or iOS/Android device, this virtual platform will allow people in different locations to collaborate in avatar form, as if physically present in the same room.

Or if you don’t fancy appearing on webcam for a call, your customised 3D avatar can take your spot. It’ll be a while before we’re stepping into meetings as photorealistic projections of ourselves but this gateway to the metaverse, is available in preview form when paired with the HoloLens 2 (£3,349). Zoom, eat your heart out.

Free, sign up at Microsoft.

Samsung Z Fold 4

Wrapped in a sturdy matte aluminium overcoat, incorporating a 6.2in screen and accurate side-mounted fingerprint sensor, the Fold 4 is like a powerful PC in your pocket.

On the massive 7.6in flexible display inside, you’ll soon find yourself feeling super-smug at being able to use up to four apps simultaneously.

Sketching and scribbling notes on the optional S Pen is a pleasure – a shame there’s nowhere to stash it in the phone. Having tweaked more third-party apps to fill the big screen secures its status as a mega multitasker.

It’s not short on power either, with the latest processing power from Qualcomm and 12GB of RAM. Expect up to 1TB of storage, wireless and reverse charging, a triple-lens camera, and a price tag that confirms its premium status.

Buy it for £1,649 at Samsung.

Moleskine Smart Writing Set

If you’re the kind of person who still gets a kick out of putting pen to paper but appreciates technology, a smart notebook is an interesting option.

Operating like some kind of note-based wizardry, Moleskine’s clever writing set injects smarts into the traditional pen and pad by making digital copies of your pen strokes.

Scribble away on its signature dotted Moleskine paper and the technology embedded within each page enables the accompanying smart pen to recognise where it is within the notebook, transferring all your notes from page to screen in real time, to the cloud or via email.

Even better, as you’re writing, the app can record ambient audio for a multimedia note-taking experience.

Buy it for £229 from Moleskine.

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