The tiny, often overlooked UK town that’s been compared to an Italian island

Tobermory, hit the spotlight when being the filming location for the beloved children’s television Balamory in the early 2000s.

Situated on the Isle of Mull within the Scottish Inner Hebrides, Tobermory is both the capital and the sole burgh on the island, nesting near the northern gateway of the Sound of Mull.

Tobermory has been likened to Burano, an Italian island near Venice, as both destinations have a row of colourful houses that line their promenades and walkways, reports The Sun. 

Numerous buildings line Main Street, including shops and restaurants in an array of vibrant hues. This charming place has elevated the street’s appeal, turning it into a sought-after setting for television productions, including the beloved children’s show, Balamory.  

The town is full of cultural offerings, showcasing attractions like the Mull Museum, the Tobermory Scotch whisky distillery, the Isle of Mull Brewery, and the An Tobar Arts Centre. 

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Among its distinctive features, the Clock Tower situated on the harbour’s edge stands out as a prominent landmark. 

Just beyond Tobermory, nestled in Drumfin, you’ll find the Mull Theatre. This cultural haven not only hosts a diverse range of performances but also plays host to both youth and adult dance and drama ensembles, contributing to the rich artistic tapestry of the area.

In a recent article, travel blogger Angela Price compared destinations across the UK to holiday hotspots around the globe.

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She wrote: “While the small town of Burano in Italy has a fantastic range of colourful houses, Tobermory on the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides is a fishing village with brightly coloured harbour-front buildings and a lively main street.”

In Tobermory, the colourful houses are a mixture of homes, souvenir shops and restaurants. But there’s more to do on the island than admiring the brightly-coloured buildings. From the port, visitors can go whale watching and other marine wildlife tours including porpoise spotting.

Reaching Tobermory and the isle of Mull is made easy by the passenger ferry from Oban, it takes around 45 minutes and if you’re planning to stay the night there are plenty of options, including Park Lodge Hotel, costing around £70 a night. 

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