The unexpected £345 kitchen device Meghan Markle ‘cannot travel without’

Meghan Markle and Harry ‘charting their own territory’ says expert

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The Duchess of Sussex shares her love for one kitchen device with many Hollywood pals. Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Zac Efron, and the Duchess of Sussex all swear by the Vitamix blender to make fresh and easy drinks and recipes.

In fact, Meghan Markle said in an interview to Esquire that she made sure to have the blender in the backseat of her car when she moved from LA to Canada.

“It was one of the things where I was like I cannot travel without my Vitamix,” she said.

“It’s like a commercial at this point.

“But I use it every day for pestos or shakes.

“Okay, now that’s too much. I need to stop.”

She also mentioned a weekend spent with her Suits co-stars where she became the attraction of the day with her blender.

“Me and my Vitamix, we really sort of ran the show on feeding everybody for that weekend,” she told Esquire.

The Duchess is known for her healthy lifestyle and said previously in an interview with Today that she loved to make smoothies and shakes in lieu of caffeine.

“It’s easy to fall into the trap of rushing for a coffee when you hit that 4pm slump.

“But if I blend some apple, kale, spinach, lemon, and ginger in my Vitamix in the morning and bring it to work, I always find that sipping on that is a much better boost than a cup of espresso.”

Meghan also goes for a gluten-free and vegan diet during the week after noticing a difference in her skin and energy levels when she cuts the food groups out.

“I try to eat vegan during the week and then have a little bit more flexibility with what I dig into on the weekends,” she told Best Health in 2015.

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“But at the same time, it’s all about balance.

“Because I work out the way I do, I don’t ever want to feel deprived.

“I feel that the second you do that is when you start to binge on things. It’s not a diet; it’s lifestyle eating.”

Even her favourite snack between meals is healthy as she usually goes for apple slices and peanut butter, as reported by royal biographers Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand.

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