The village with a weird name so beautiful it could be the UK’s prettiest

A beautiful Old English village located in Cotswold may have a grim name but its breathtaking beauty will leave you mesmerised as you might think it could be the prettiest in the country. Placed beside the little Eye stream, Lower Slaughter village stems from the Old English name for a wetland ‘slough’ or ‘slothre’ (Old English for muddy place) upon which it lies. 

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The picturesque village offers a scenic view of the stone-built houses along with the small bridges and some lovely cafes. 

The stream running through the village is crossed by two small bridges and the local attraction is a converted mill with original water wheel selling craft type products and includes a cafe.

According to some records, Lower Slaughter has been inhabited for over 1000 years.  At the west end of the village there is a 19th-century water mill with an undershot waterwheel and a chimney for additional steam power.

There is a ford where the river widens in the village and several small stone footbridges join the two sides of the community. 

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While the mill is built of red brick most of the 16th and 17th century homes in the village use Cotswold limestone and are adorned with mullioned windows and often with other embellishments such as projecting gables.

Lower Slaughter attracts many tourists who come to admire its beauty and experience the peaceful countryside.

The most famous tourist attractions in the village include The Old Mill Museum, Becky Hill Road and The Parish Church of St Mary. 

The popular tourist attraction is immensely famous among the travellers.

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A visitor wrote on Tripadvisor: “We have been frequent visitors to the picturesque village of Lower Slaughter and often walk this attractive little road.

“The Wardens way is nearby as too is the Old Mill and museum which is a short distance away.

“The highlight is the little river which runs through the village. Lower Slaughter has been voted as the most attractive village in England and if visited early, is a highly enjoyable place to visit. My advice is to arrive early as parking can be difficult otherwise.”

Another wrote: “Staying in Bourton on the Water, our hosts recommended visiting Lower Slaughter and we were not disappointed. We were stunned by the picturesque location, it was so beautiful.

“Due to health reasons, my partner cannot walk far, so we drive slowly through the village, stopping occasionally to soak in the beauty. Do not miss seeing this village.”

One can also continue from Lower Slaughter to its neighbour, Upper Slaughter, on a small footpath, which is just a short walk away.

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