‘They must deliver!’ Harry and Meghan ‘given nudge’ to protect £18m Spotify deal

Meghan and Harry: Spotify podcast 'targeted to US' says expert

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Prince Harry, 37, and Meghan Markle, 40, signed an £18million deal with Spotify in December 2020. But since the deal was signed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have produced just one podcast episode.

The 35-minute maiden episode was released during the festive period last year.

No podcast episodes have been uploaded onto the Swedish streaming service in 2021.

According to the Sun, the couple’s Archewell Audio brand has been given a “gentle nudge” by Spotify bosses to release more episodes and protect their multi-million-pound contract.

A source told the Sun: “Spotify were delighted when they signed the couple but the lack of content has mystified them.

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“Particularly as they seem to have no problem producing content for other platforms.”

Another source said: “When Harry and Meghan signed the Spotify deal in December they didn’t really have a full audio team behind them, there were no scripts ready and they hadn’t made podcasts before.

“The holiday special episode was whacked together but, even though it was well-received by fans, it was hard for them to pull off.”

Legal experts warn the couple must meet their contractual obligations before the agreed deadline is reached.

Commercial contract solicitor at EM Law Neil Williamson said: “If the contract says that they must deliver content in 2021 then they will need to do so.”

Helix Law partner Alex Cook added: “It might be considered embarrassing for Harry, Meghan and Spotify equally to air any dispute publicly and it wouldn’t be surprising if there are private commercial arbitration clauses to manage any disputes between them all.”

The Sun also reports the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who hired podcast producer Rebecca Sanaes back in August, will soon announce their plans to release new episodes before Christmas.

While Harry and Meghan are yet to upload any episodes onto Spotify in 2021, they have appeared on other podcasts, including Harry’s appearance on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert, and made several notable media appearances.

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The most notable was the Sussexes’ tell-all interview with US TV host Oprah Winfrey, 67, in March.

ITV’s exclusive broadcast of the interview was watched by a staggering 11.1million people.

But Prince Harry’s biographer Angela Levin said: “Harry and Meghan want to do too many things at the same time.”

Despite this, Spotify said last night: “Big things are coming.

“Stay tuned.” has approached Archewell for comment.

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