‘They should be banned!’ Caller demands sun beds outlawed after skin cancer diagnosis

Skin cancer: LBC caller warns against using sunbeds

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A radio caller has spoken out over the use of tanning beds after developing skin cancer. Isobel from Warwick told her story to LBC’s Nick Ferrari during a call-in show as a ban on sunbeds is considered by the Government in a bid to cut skin cancer rates. 

Isobel told LBC’s Nick Ferrari: “I did use [sunbeds] in the first lockdown and just before the first lockdown my husband kept saying to me that mole on your back getting bigger and the only price Nick that ever saw the sun there was a sunbed because I went on there you know with without my top on.

“Lucky enough, I went to my GP so grateful to be seen in lockdown, he was full PPE and so was I.

“He took pictures of my mole, send it off, I was called within a couple of days, went down to my local hospital and after two appointments, I had skin cancer.

“I had to get scraped out of my back, I’ve got a star now and it is just a vanity that is all is vanity and I would urge anybody just to use fake tan.” 

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Asked how often she would use sunbeds, Isobel replied: “Once a week, the lady in there to be honest was lovely she was a nurse and she changed her job.

“But from personal experience, they should be banned.”

Health minister James Morris agreed to discuss the campaign after Labour MP Sarah Owen (Luton North) pressed the Government to take the “dangers of sunbeds seriously”.

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Ms Owen said while unprotected exposure to the sun can leave someone vulnerable to skin cancer, it is not the only risk factor as she raised the case of a constituent with melanoma.

He explained: “Sunbeds continue to be used all-year round at very high risk. So does the minister agree it’s time we took the dangers of sunbeds seriously and does the minister support Melanoma UK’s campaign to ban the use of sunbeds – and if not, why not?”

Mr Morris replied: “Given the weather we’re experiencing at the moment, issues to do with melanoma are high on the priority list. I’m very happy to meet with the honourable lady to discuss the specific issues she’s raised in relation to sunbeds.”

Melanoma UK chief executive Gillian Nuttall said melanomas and other skin cancers are “increasingly common” in the UK, with more than 100,000 cases diagnosed every year.

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She added melanoma kills more than 2,500 people each year in the UK and treatment of skin cancers “places a heavy burden” on the NHS.

Ms Nuttall said: “Most skin cancers are preventable by reducing exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight and indoor tanning devices – sunbeds/tanning beds.

“Logically, it is therefore possible to reduce the burden of skin cancer by banning the use of commercial sunbeds. This is not a new idea: Australia and Brazil banned them many years ago.

“The UK must act now. Understanding the cost and consequences of a ban on sunbeds in the UK would provide useful evidence for healthcare decision makers.

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