‘They’ll sacrifice people’ Widow breaks down in tears as she slams GPs over delayed visits

GB News: Widow breaks down as she slams GPs

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Lisa King was grief-stricken as she recalled the loss of her husband in October as a result of tragic complications following a gallstone operation. Speaking through tears the widow told GB News she believed her husband would still be alive if he had been able to see a GP in person. Ms King told GB News: “People do not stop getting ill because there is a coronavirus, a variant, as there will always be, will never go, but they’ll just sacrifice people.”

Ms King told GB News: “I know he would be here today because if he had seen his GP face to face, he would have been able to point to exactly where it was.

“And the GP would have instantly known that that was in the gallbladder area and taking into account his medical history he would have been able to be treated straight away before any infection could have set in which would have affected his iron levels.

“I know he would be here with me today, I know that.

“But like all the other patients that have been denied treatment and will now again be denied treatment or they have just been sacrificed for the greater good. 

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She continued: “Now I’m not having a go at the GPS, frontline doctors, nurses, I’m not.

“They followed the guidelines that they were told.

“Those guidelines are wrong then as they are now. These diseases do not stop.

“People do not stop getting ill because there is a Coronavirus going round, a variant, as they will always be will never go, they’ll just sacrifice people.”

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Ms King explained her husband’s initial concerns had been dismissed as “acid reflux.”

She told GB News: “So he took the prescription and after five days he was violently sick.

“He was screaming in pain, he was screaming so much that I was crying, he was crying, our sons were crying.

“I called an ambulance, they came quite quickly, and they took him to hospital.

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She explained: “He had a problem with his gallbladder, a stone had moved from his gallbladder, and lodged in his bile duct.

“Because of his underlying health condition, he had an infection that sent his iron levels shooting up and a hospital couldn’t operate because they had a backlog.

They took the stone out, but they said he had to come back in about four weeks time to have his gallbladder removed. Four weeks to the day that he was due to go and have it removed another stone had lodged in his bile duct.

“He had a surge of iron in his heart and he had died at home.”

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