'This doesn't happen around here' – locals' shock at killing

Residents in the Foxrock estate where a young man was killed in incredibly violent circumstances were stunned by the gruesome death.

Homes in the leafy Tudor Lawns estate in south Dublin can fetch upwards of €600,000 and rents are almost €3,000.

It it is described by one local estate agency as the location of a “dream family home”, a place violence rarely touches.

Locals who spoke to the Irish Independent yesterday expressed utter shock at the horror that had taken place in their neighbourhood.

“I literally feel sick. This doesn’t happen in Foxrock,” one woman said.

A glance at the cul de sac reveals perfectly manicured hedges and well-cared for trees lining the road.

There is a green across from the road from the house, where children play in the summer, and many residents have lived here peacefully for decades.

There is a new generation of professionals, including tech workers and students, living there. The house where the gruesome murder took place sits in the shadow of a Microsoft campus and Leopardstown Racecourse.

However, locals made it clear yesterday that the house where the incident took place had been viewed as a party house.

“I know that house as the party house,” said another man.

“There aren’t many houses rented round here but that one was.

“A couple of African guys live in there and an Irish guy.

“I know one of the former tenants moved out because he said he couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t deal with the other tenants, because there were parties going on all the time.”

Only two residents out of a large number reported seeing a woman there in recent months.

Gardaí will continue to probe what brought such violence to such a quiet part of Dublin.

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