‘This is why we left’ Furious Britons lash out after Frost blindsided by court claims

Brexit: Frans Timmermans says EU trade deal will 'take time'

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On Wednesday Brussels said the EU had been “bending over backwards to find a solution” to the Northern Ireland dispute after Boris Johnson said the conditions for triggering Article 16 have been met.

It has led to fears that the Prime Minister could enact the protocol after the COP26 conference in Glasgow, a move which EU officials say “would be a big crisis, but we are ready for it”.

As the row escalated Frans Timmermans, the European Commission executive vice-president, blindsided Brexit Minister Lord Frost ahead of fresh talks saying it was impossible to exclude the European Court of Justice from a role as “ultimate arbitrator”.

Speaking to ITV on Wednesday, Mr Timmermans said: “I know he [Mr Frost] knows full well that whenever the internal market is involved, the ultimate arbitrator is the European Court of Justice.”

The claims caused a furious reaction among Britons.

Hundreds of readers were in an uproar about the fact the EU is trying to have the final say about the UK related issue despite Brexit.

Oldiebird75 wrote: “Does anyone think that the EU actually accepts that we have left? Is there any sovereign nation worldwide which accepts a foreign trade bloc having sway over its legal activities? Answers on a pro-EU post, please!”

ja50 added: “No ECJ jurisdiction – that was why we left the EU.”

Leon Chimerek commented: “The ECJ must go, we need our own court and a massive change in the human rights act, and the open door policy signed up to by T BLIAR needs to be abolished.”

SandieL wrote: “EUROPEAN UNION judges must have a role overseeing Northern Ireland’s Brexit arrangements, a senior EU official has said.” An EU official would say that, but Boris has to tell them where to shove that….

“Northern Ireland is British, no longer part of the EU no matter how hard they try to force the situation to their advantage. Stuff that…. I hope Boris uses stronger language when he tells them that!”

Mr Macron also drew ire from Express readers over his role in the current fishing war between France and the UK.

The latest row erupted in September after Paris accused London of failing to allocate enough post-Brexit licences to French boats, which led to a series of threats from the French president.

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Fidget said: “It’s all about Micron trying to show he is the ‘big man’ by bullying the UK into giving him something he is NOT entitled to. Go try your dirty tactics on Putin, or China, or preferably the man on the moon.”

Oldreo added: “Macron, not a world leader, just a big-mouthed bully.”

Charles Wasdell wrote: “Poor Macron, throwing yet another tantrum while the world laughs at him!!!”

Many readers are also criticising Nicola Sturgeon for not saying anything about this situation.

Charlton2930 commented: “Actually, as Macron is disputing the way in which the UK are issuing licences by following the terms of the agreement, it is the EU and the UK that should be talking, not Macron. He was not a signatory and is not the spokesman for the EU. There is no reason why Nicola should not at least make a comment as a caring leader of Scotland!”

The comments follow mounting pressure from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has already said he believes the conditions for triggering Article 16 of the protocol have been met.

While Brexit Minister Lord Frost has also warned that using the article could be the only way for the UK to change the protocol.

Article 16 of the NI protocol sets out the process for taking unilateral “safeguard” measures if either the EU or UK concludes the operation of the deal is leading to severe problems.

Johnan wrote: “Triggering article 16 is a perfectly legitimate and legal thing to do. The EU triggered it over vaccines earlier this year without a second thought. So if they can do it, why the big fuss if we do ??”

Lizard added: “What the EU are terrified about is that when Article 16 is triggered, then the whole world will see that the island of Ireland will carry on working normally. The people will see to that. There will be no political border between Eire, Ulster and Great Britain. The EU would not dare.”

Robbieat20 followed up by saying: “NO more pandering, evoke article 16! Full steam ahead.”

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