‘Threatening monarchy with extinction’ Shola slams Charles critics and BACKS Rwanda swipe

Prince Charles and Camilla visit Royal Cornwall show

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Writing on Twitter this morning (Saturday), Dr Shola said: “More of this from Prince Charles if the Monarchy wants to be relevant & survive to the next century. It’s the silence & complicity that is destroying the Monarchy. Every person outraged by his comment that Rwanda policy is ‘appalling’ now threatening Monarchy with extinction.”

It comes as the likes of Nigel Farage criticised Prince Charles for speaking out against the new scheme.

The first deportations under the contentious deal are expected to happen next week after the High Court ruled on Friday a flight taking asylum seekers to the east African country can go ahead.

Migrants who arrive in Britain illegally face being deported to Rwanda, more than 4,000 miles away, under a deal struck by Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, in April.

According to The Times, a source heard the Prince of Wales expressing his opposition to the plans in a private conversation.

The Prince, 73, is said to be particularly frustrated because he is due to represent the Queen at the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in the Rwandan capital Kigali this month.

However, Clarence House spokesperson insisted he had not tried to influence the Government.

The spokesperson said: “We would not comment on supposed anonymous private conversations with the Prince of Wales, except to restate that he remains politically neutral.

“Matters of policy are decisions for Government.”

Nigel Farage slammed the future King on Twitter, writing: “Unless Prince Charles wants to destroy the monarchy he had better shut up fast.”

TalkTV presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer also criticised the Prince of Wales, tweeting: “Prince Charles is entitled to his own opinions. But he is not entitled to allow those opinions to be known if he wants to be king. That’s the deal. Both he and Prince William have already crossed into political territory with their climate preaching. This is a step too far.”

This comes after the judge at the High Court refused to grant an injunction sought by campaigners to block the one-way flight to Rwanda next Tuesday.

The campaign groups said they would appeal against the decision on Monday.

More than 30 people who arrived in the UK illegally are due to be on the plane to Rwanda the following day.

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The Home Office is set to schedule more flights this year.

Welcoming the court ruling, Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, tweeted: “We cannot allow people traffickers to put lives at risk and our world leading partnership will help break the business model of these ruthless criminals.”

Priti Patel said: “We will not be deterred in breaking the deadly people smuggling trade and ultimately saving lives.”

She also insisted Rwanda is a “safe country and has previously been recognised for providing a safe haven for refugees”.

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