Three American students rescued after becoming trapped by tide on cliffs in Kerry

Three American students were rescued in a two-hour operation late last night.

It is understood that the young women became trapped on a small ledge on the cliffs at Slea Head due to the incoming tide near Coumeenool beach in county Kerry.

The operation was led by Dingle Coast Guard team, who were assisted by Rescue helicopter 115, RNLI and the Valentia Lifeboat.

The women, who are in their early 20s, were lifted one by one up 60 metre high cliffs during the rescue operation and were suffering from early stages of hypothermia.

“They were very cold as they were getting wet by the tide as they attempted to get out of the place,” Tom Kennedy, the Deputy Officer in charge at the Dingle Coast Guard Unit, told

“There was about 20 Dingle Coast Guard volunteers and they were joined by the Rescue 115 helicopter as well as the Valentia Lifeboat,” he said.

The volunteers helped to get the women pulled up and warmed up. A waiting ambulance then took them to Kerry University Hospital. It is understood one of the students used a mobile phone to ring emergency services, which then got in contact with the coast guard.

“We were focused on getting them getting them out and warmed up,” he added.

The operation took approximately two hours and the team was finished at 11.30 pm,” Mr Kennedy added.

“Great job tonight guys, three female students successfully rescued by the Dingle Coast Guard team from the cliffs near Coumeenole beach on Slea Head,” wrote Mr Kennedy, on Twitter.

It’s understood the three women are spending a semester studying in Dingle.

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