Thunderstorm warning in place as England braces for more bad weather

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for large parts of England, ending a brief interlude of sunny weather.

Much of the South East, East Anglia and parts of the Midlands are covered under the warning, which has been issued from Tuesday through to Wednesday evening.

Parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland’s north west can also expect to see rain by early morning on Tuesday.

But the worst-hit will be southern and eastern England, where hail, thunder, lightning and gusty winds can be expected by Tuesday afternoon.

The latest bout of thunderstorms and rain are set to arrive as flood-affected areas of the UK attempt a cleanup from a particularly wet weekend.

In the Lincolnshire town of Wainfleet, hundreds of homes were evacuated after two months of rain fell over two days, causing the River Steeping to burst its banks.

It prompted a multi-agency response, including RAF helicopters dropping sandbags and the Environment Agency assembling pumps to redirect flood waters.

Despite the mid-week rain, further forecasts suggest a return to more pleasant weather.

The Met Office says “it will feel fresher” after the storms pass, “with more sunny spells, especially in the South”.

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