Tiers for beers: End of lockdown explained measure by measure

After a ‘wretched year’ of three national lockdowns and regional restrictions, Boris Johnson has promised ‘the end really is in sight’.

Last night the Prime Minister unveiled his four-step roadmap out of lockdown, with the aim of returning the country back to relative normality by July.

We’ve all had to make great sacrifices, as the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to change our way of life in ways we could never imagine.

People have gone months without seeing their family, are in desperate need of a haircut and are going stir crazy being stuck at home all day long.

But perhaps one of the biggest things we’ve taken for granted is the comforting presence of the pub.

Many of you will have been doing plenty of drinking at home (be honest), but it’s not alcohol that people are missing, rather, it’s the simple pleasure of being able to catch up with a friend over a pint (or several) at your local boozer.

Some of us will be so tired of awkwardly trying to keep a distance from people in the street, that a sweaty and crowded nightclub might be what we need to feel like this nightmare is finally over.

There’s plenty to be excited about over the coming months, but here’s a stripped down version of the roadmap out of lockdown, measured in pints.

Step One – March 8

Under the first step of the PM’s plan, you will also be able to have tinnies in the park with one friend from another household outdoors.

Although you may have already been doing this while walking under the guise of ‘exercise’.

This is also great news for people whose love lives have been lacking over lockdown, as they will be able to take their date for a bottle of wine at the beach (for considerably less money than a pub or restaurant).

You could also enjoy drinks in your garden or any outdoor space with up to five other people from March 29.

Step Two – April 12

If all goes to plan, people can return to the the pub from April 12, a day that will be circled on many calendars.

Yes, it will be restricted to the ‘rule of six’ and limited to outdoor seating areas, but that’s unlikely to put people off from getting the rounds in.

Step Three – May 17

The Prime Minister has said ‘most restrictions on meeting outdoors will be lifted’ from May 17.

The limit on outdoor gatherings will be increased to 30 people and you’ll even be able to have a small drinking session inside your home again.

Indoor mixing will be limited to the rule of six or two households if the group is larger than six.

Step Four – June 21

It felt like we’d never see the day, but this is when the Government reckons we’ll finally be able to ‘remove all legal limits on social contact’.

Being in a nightclub or at a crowded gig might seem a bit alien now, but those will all be back on the cards, with testing potentially being used as a way to prevent further outbreaks.

With no social distancing rules in place, you’ll be free to drink to your heart’s content and give a massive bear hug to all of your pals, same household or not.

Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown

Boris Johnson has laid out his plans to lift Covid-19 restrictions in England, following weeks of lockdown which began on January 4.

The Prime Minister confirmed that the route back to normality will depend upon four tests for easing restrictions and will take into account the success of the vaccine rollout.

  • Boris Johnson unveils four-step plan out of lockdown
  • All schools in England to return from March 8
  • Outdoor sports to return next month as lockdown eases
  • Hairdressers, barbers and salons to stay shut until April 12 at the earliest
  • Families to reunite indoors from May as two households can mix
  • Pub beer gardens to open from April 12 and Scotch egg rule won’t return
  • Restaurants and drinking inside pubs to return from May
  • Work from home orders to continue until late June at earliest
  • UK staycations to return from April at earliest, Boris confirms
  • Gyms to reopen from April for people exercising alone or with their household

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