An uber-rich housewife has caught the ire of the internet – after posting about the hardships of being a millionaire’s wife in a brutal rant on TikTok.

The user going by @lionlindaa on the Gen-Z favourite platform calls herself the “Original Dubai Housewife” and uses the site to document her lavish existence to the masses.

The trophy wife has over half a million followers but recently began to use the platform to moan about the downsides of her marriage and lifestyle. In two shows the Jordanian rants about the “worst things about being a millionaire”.

She documented the pressure that she feels under to look her best at all times as part of her marriage.

Among the more reasonable complaints about societal pressures came more curious ones.

These included having “too much food” to pick from, or worse yet, having “too much stuff” brought for her.

She also mentioned her lack of freedom, being unable to drive and having to spend on security staff due to concerns about being robbed in the viral confessions.

“I wish I could complain about these things. I don’t stress over being robbed, I stress over paying my bills,” commented one viewer.

“Wow I wish I have those problems at least ya’ll don’t gotta work so hard cuz ya’ll are millionaires,” quipped another.

Linda Andrade was born in Jordan but spent most of her former years in the United States, after moving there at the young age of two, according to the Baltimore Post-Examiner.

She became a millionaire at just 19 years old after setting up a medical spa in Las Vegan and California, which specializes in body sculpting.

That same year, Linda married the equally successful entrepreneur Ricky Andrade, a Forex and Crypto trader based in Dubai.

The magnate has also been boasting of the biggest upsides to being a millionaire which include preferential treatment at shops and the lack of money worries that she and her husband share.

Once again, viewers were quick to voice their concerns in the comment section, with one writing: “The question here is; would you love him still, if he would lose all his money??”

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