Tinder's most 'swiped right man' now using ChatGPT to help men find love

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The most popular man on Tinder is using his dating prowess and AI to help others find love.

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin claims he became the ‘most swiped man’ on the dating app, meaning more women liked his profile and wanted to speak to him than any other man, in 2017.

The 32-year-old said dating has ‘never been a hard task’ for him as meeting women ‘comes easily to him’ – and now he wants to pass on his dating wisdom to help ‘genetically non-blessed people’ find love.

Stefan, a model from Cuffley in Hertfordshire, offers a subscription service through his website, Celebrity Love Coach, where men can pay from £45 to £120 for coaching.

The service includes photo editing to ‘subtly tweak’ pictures, and using ChatGPT and AI to write better dating profiles and messages.

But editing pictures is no different to women using Instagram filters or getting cosmetic surgery such as fillers, Stefan said, and is not ‘catfishing’.

He added: ‘Think of it as Viagra for your social profile – apart from my results come in hard and fast.

‘You will go from no dates to full diaries.

‘Every man deserves a better roll of the dice – it’s not cheating, it’s evening out the playing field.

‘You use a dishwasher to make your home life easier – my clients use AI and our training to make their dating lives easier for a fulfilling, long-lasting connection.

‘Look at men like Andrew Tate selling a false dream to impressionable young minds.

‘I’m selling a real solution – a bespoke plan of action that uses machines to correct your dating faults.

‘It’s not cheating, it’s giving back power to the less fortunate.’

Stefan’s services aren’t all done over the internet – he also offers the full Hitch experience, where he meets clients in person and teaches them the art of dating.

He recommends always video calling before the first date, sending a fun first message, and only using pictures of themselves on dating profiles instead of group shots.

And he claims that out of the 45 men he has coached so far, 32 have successfully dated.

Stefan said: ‘Your first message should be a fun open question, not just “hey”.

‘Don’t have anyone else in your profile pictures – you don’t want people to have to play a game of Where’s Wally?.

‘You should include photos of your hobbies – not just photos of you drinking and clubbing – that doesn’t attract the right demographic.

‘You shouldn’t meet someone just to sleep with them straight away, you should try and find out more about them to see if you’re compatible.

‘I am giving un-genetically blessed people a hidden advantage in the dating game.

‘My AI prompts and training can turn any guy from zero to hero.’

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