Tory MP demands schools publish sex education plans

An MP is demanding that schools disclose their lesson plans amid fears children are being “indoctrinated” by teachers passing contested ideas about sex and gender as fact. Tory Miriam Cates raised the issue in the Commons last week and said parents should withdraw children from sex education classes if they were worried.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has promised a review into Relationship and Sex Education [RSE].

It comes as a growing number of parents become concerned at the intimate detail of what is being taught to children.

Former teacher Mrs Cates, 40, told MPs children were receiving “graphic lessons” on X-rated subjects and were being taught ­
that there was an almost limitless number of genders.

She now wants a full inquiry into RSE to establish how widespread the presentation of age-inappropriate material is.

Mother-of-three Mrs Cates added: “For too long the DfE [Department for Education] has failed to take seriously the evidence ­­of inappropriate materials and unlawful promotion of partisan political ideas ­in school.

“We must make it incumbent on all schools to publish their RSE lesson plans and resources so parents can see what is being taught and make an informed decision about whether they want to use their legal right to withdraw children from sex education.”

Since the subject was made compulsory in 2019 schools have invited third-party companies and charities ­ to teach relationship and sex education lessons.

One current teacher said: “I had no idea people were teaching this…If I thought my kids were being taught this stuff I would go apoplectic.”

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