Tory MP says it is ‘fundamentally wrong’ if UK does not honour Brexit vote

Robert Halfon explained it is a “fundamentally wrong democracy” to not honour the result of the referendum three years later. He said he is “disgusted” by Parliament’s behaviour to try and block a Brexit deal from passing. The Tory noted Remainers said at the time they would respect the vote.

Speaking to talkRADIO, Mr Halfon said: “I voted Remain last time very reluctantly but I was very worried and just not sure in many ways.

“But I really regret it because I’ve been disgusted at the way the establishment have behaved and the way certain people in Parliament have behaved by doing everything possible to stop a democratic result.

“The one reason why I love our country is because I always thought we had the greatest Parliament in the world.

“The greatest democracy in the world and now we’ve had a vote and it hasn’t been respected.

“Believe me, if there was a Leave vote now, I would be out there on the barricades.

“I’ve now come to the view that we’re probably better off out predominantly because of democratic reasons.

“I just think it is fundamentally wrong democracy has been betrayed and that millions of people who voted and respected the results.

“All the Remainers at the time said they would respect the result.

“They’ve had their voting frustrated whether it’s by the Supreme Court or mechanisms in Parliament.”

Host James Whale added: “Listening to your story Robert is like listening to mine.

“I changed my mind. I was outspoken as a Remainer for all sorts of reasons since the way the European Parliament did it’s election which was appalling.

“All the wasted money and all the bureaucracy I’ve not decided it’s the beginnings of a crumbling empire, the European empire.”


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His comments come as Brexit talks have hit a “stumbling block” after jarring differences emerged between EU member states and the DUP on the Northern Irish party’s level playing field red lines.

The Prime Minister has submitted a legal proposal to the EU but may have trouble convincing some rebels to back the plan, as former Tory leader Iain Duncan-Smith has reportedly hit out at the proposals.

According to The Sun, Mr Duncan-Smith “exploded” at senior Downing Street officials over how Boris Johnson has kept almost everyone in the dark over details of the negotiations.

But the Tory MP has since rebuffed the claims, and said he did not lose his temper during the talks, but had disputed the legal grounding of the Prime Minister’s proposals.

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