Trafalgar Square panic as van ‘explodes’ in busy tourist hotspot – massive fireball erupts

Emergency services were called just before 8pm following reports suggesting that the Trafalgar Hotel was ablaze, according to MyLondon. But it turned out to be a van fire from which witnesses report to have heard two explosions.

One witness told MyLondon that the whole square was wreathed in smoke.

They said: “We heard the first bang and people were gathering.

“About seven minutes later there was a second bang.

“It smelt like fireworks but the bang was much louder than fireworks.

“It looked like it was coming out a building.”

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The London Fire Brigade dispatched four fire engines and an aerial ladder to the scene.

It is not yet known how the fire started but nobody is believed to have been in the van at the time the flames emerged.

A London Fire Brigade spokesman says there were no injuries, despite “significant” damage to the van, according to MailOnline.

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