Travellers descend on beauty spot in Devon with caravans and 4x4s

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The camp has been set up near Alphington outside Exeter. Devon Live has reported that on Thursday evening there were about eight caravans pitched up near Alphin Brook. A spokesman for Exeter City Council said they were informed at 8pm on Thursday about the encampment, reports from Devon Live suggest.

Alphin Brook is very popular with dog walkers.

Another traveller camp was set up on the seafront at Paignton recently.

One person in the area who was interviewed by The Sun said: “There are loads of them.

“One caravan even has an inflatable dinghy outside.

“They’re clearly planning a few days by the beach.”

And one hotelier in Paignton, said: “I have several guests who paid for a sea view but they’re staring at the encampment.

“It’s disgusting really.

“They’ve all shown up before the bank holiday to give themselves a nice little break.

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“Some of my guests who have never been here before have just assumed that there is a caravan camp out there.

“There are dogs running free and barking, gas canisters all over the place and men with no shirts on.

“It’s terrible, no one can park their cars out there it’s horrible.

“I look out my window and I see caravans and not a beautiful sea view.

“We are all absolutely fed up with it, the council should be doing more.

“It’s terrible, it costs thousands to move them and to clean up every year it’s ridiculous.

“It just doesn’t do well for tourism.”

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