Truss lists top priorities ahead of her European Community visit

Liz Truss' speech a 'version of Thatcherism' says Caroline Slocock

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Liz Truss has listed security, energy and migration as the top topics on her agenda as she travels to Prague for the inaugural European leader’s meeting in the Czech capital. The Prime Minister will hold meetings with continental leaders on Thursday after a chaotic party conference that left Conservatives divided over her policies.

Writing for The Times, Ms Truss explained her agenda for the meeting and how UK will continue to support Ukraine in the ongoing war with Russia.

She wrote: “Security, energy and migration are three of the most urgent priorities for the British people, so they are top of my agenda too. That’s why I am travelling to Prague for today’s European leaders’ meeting.

“These vital issues affect the whole of our continent, so it is right that we find common cause with our European friends and allies.

“It’s also why we want to see a strong voice for non-EU countries like Ukraine, Norway and Switzerland.

“Today’s meeting is not an EU construct or an EU alternative. I am very clear about that.

“It brings together governments from across Europe, around a third of whom are outside the EU.

“A post-Brexit Britain, as an independent country outside the EU, should be involved in discussions that affect the entire continent and all of us here at home.

“We are taking part as an independent sovereign nation, and we will act as one.”

In her meetings, the Prime Minister will discuss reducing Europe’s reliance on Russian energy, joint projects to develop new nuclear and offshore wind capacity, and tackling illegal migration.

The summit also comes after Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney revealed the UK and EU would be holding talks this week to resolve issues around the Northern Ireland Protocol – part of the Brexit deal aimed at preventing a harder border on the island of Ireland, but that led to a border being placed in the Irish Sea.

Ms Truss also wrote: “We must ensure that Putin is defeated. His attempts at mobilisation and annexation are a show of weakness.

“Ukraine’s counter offensive is succeeding, and Russia’s will is fracturing. This is the moment to redouble our resolve. 

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“The UK is sending £2.3 billion of military support to Ukraine this year — and we will match or exceed that next year.

“I will urge my European friends to continue to work with us in providing more weapons, imposing more sanctions, and backing Ukraine in pushing Russian forces out.”

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