TV host erupts at republicans for ‘vile’ push to end monarchy with Philip bashing

Prince Philip: Host slams criticism of Duke following his death

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In a furious on-air tirade, Sky News Australia anchor Chris Smith lambasted “vile” Aussie republicans trying to use the death of Prince Philip as a political tool. He launched a scathing attack at the chair of the Australian Republic Movement Peter FitzSimons who wrote an opinion piece that said the death of Philip will be an opportunity for Australia to strive for a republic. Mr Smith furiously defended the monarchy saying the Duke’s death “does not take us closer to becoming a republic” and tore apart the republican model as not fit for purpose for the “majority” of Australians. 

Mr Smith said: “One thing Philip’s death will not do is expedite Australia towards becoming a republic.

“I noticed today that some of those pushing hard on the republic have used his passing as a vile attempt to leave some kind of ‘black mark’ on Philip’s reputation.”

The furious Sky News Australia host was responding to an opinion piece by the leader of the Australian Republican Movement Peter FitzSimons which read: “So when the days grow cold and we grow old, what shall we say of Prince Philip? Many things, no doubt, some of which would be too jarring to dwell on today so soon after his death.”

Mr Smith added: “Hold on, he wasn’t some gross character whose legacy deserves to be demonised!” before saying “what would definitely be too jarring is if we compared the Prince’s contribution to the world and FitzSimons!”

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The anchor then reeled off a glowing list of achievements of the Duke, he said: “From Philips death-defying naval heroics and his loyalty and advice to one of the most influential women in the entire world to his guidance of young men and women in the services and his inspiration across the world with the concept of the Duke of Edinburgh award – and that’s just for starters!”

He added: “So let’s not embarrass Peter FitzSimons by listing his world achievements!”

The Sky news anchor stressed: “Philip’s death does not take us closer to becoming a republic, the model preferred by those ramming the republic down our throats is unworkable and will never satisfy the majority of Australian’s at a referendum.”

He concluded: “The current system of governance works!”

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The glowing defence of the Duke of Edinburgh comes as plans for a new £190m ‘royal yacht’ in memory of Prince Philip had been rumoured.

But speaking to Jeremy Vine earlier today royal commentator Jennie Bond dismissed the idea insisting it would be “too expensive” and the UK was currently overwhelmed in debt.

She said that while it was a nice gesture, at this point in time for the UK, it was a “non-starter” issue. 

Ms Bond also reflected on the previous royal yacht, Britannia, and how it was not used as a hospital ship, as was previously intended. 


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The Duke of Edinburgh’s ceremonial royal funeral will take place on Saturday, April 17 at 3pm in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace said.

The funeral will be televised so the British people can join in mourning the lat Duke.

The Prime Minister was expected to attend the funeral but has offered to step aside with the number of guests limited to 30 due to coronavirus rules.

Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, was born on 10th June 1921 in Corfu, Greece and died peacefully on the morning of Friday April 9, 2021, aged 99, at Windsor Castle.

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