Two more Danish royals could lose their royal titles

Queen Margrethe of Denmark strips grandchildren of royal titles

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Royal experts have predicted that Queen Margrethe will strip two more grandchildren of their HRH titles after their cousins had theirs removed to “lead more normal lives”. Queen Margrethe, 82, revealed two weeks ago she would be removing the princely titles from her youngest son Joachim’s four children Nikolai, 23, Felix, 20, Henrik, 13, and Athena, 10. 

The news was announced through a palace statement which said: “As of January 1 2023, the descendants of His Royal Highness Prince Joachim will only be able to use their titles of Count and Countess of Monpezat, their previous titles of Prince and Princess of Denmark ceasing to exist.”

Queen Margrethe wanted the children to live more normal lives but the decision was not welcomed by the family.

Her decision upset Joachim and his four children, with the prince insisting his mother only gave him five days’ notice – despite the Royal Household claiming the decision “has been a long time coming”.

Now the attention has turned to the Queen’s remaining grandchildren after Princess Mary told reporters last Friday: “We will also look at our children’s titles when the time comes”.

Royal experts are presuming Princess Mary may be saying her youngest children, twins Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent, might lose their titles in the future.

Historian and royal house expert Lars Hovbakke told BT he imagines that Frederik and Mary’s children will be divided into two groups.

“You can easily slim down the royal house by, for example, looking at the twins’ titles. It would correspond to the process that is underway in other European royal houses,” he said.

But he believes Prince Christian, who is third in line to the throne, and Princess Isabella, will keep theirs. 

“I don’t think it will affect [Princess Isabella] because titles are needed at the top of the succession,” he said.

Speaking after the public announcement was made, Prince Joachim told Ekstra Bladet his children had been “hurt” by the decision and that he had only been given five days to break the news to them before it was publicly announced.

Amid the scandal, Joachim and his second wife Marie admitted their relationship with his older brother Crown Prince Frederik and his sister-in-law Crown Princess Mary is “complicated”.

The Spanish magazine Vaniatis Elconfidencial has since sparked more speculation around the rift, after reporting that Joachim “was deeply in love with his sister-in-law Mary”.

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While Prince Joachim is understood to have since met with his mother to discuss the rift, reports say Crown Prince Frederik was not part of the meeting.

Following the meeting, the palace confirmed that the monarch and Joachim want to “look forward” and are trying to “find their way through” their differences, amid the very public row.

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