UK citizen stranded in Spain after Covid and stroke left him unable to talk and walk

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The 69-year-old man is now stranded abroad after being left unable to walk and talk because of the illness and stroke. The man, named Alan Sellers, is originally from Aberystwyth and had been enjoying travelling back and forth to Spain during his retirement. However, last October he suffered a stroke when walking his dog and has been immobile in hospital since.

He is now trapped abroad as his family are unable to afford his transport back home to the UK.

The man was in Granada when he suffered a severe stroke on October 31.

The musician received life-saving surgery inside a Spanish hospital.

However, he has been trapped in Spain ever since.

The cost to fly the immobile 69-year-old back would stretch into the tens of thousands.

This has forced his family and friends to fundraise just to bring him home.

He has been in Spain for many months now and his family and friends are worried the lack of rehabilitation could have long term impacts on his health.

Mr Sellers’ ex-wife, Alison and his son Bryn were able to get out to visit him in November.

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Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Alison said: “We both went out there in November and visited him every day.

“But his stroke is so severe that he cannot speak.

“I think he could understand mostly what we said to him though and responded a bit.

“It will be a complete nightmare for him to be in hospital and not be able to move around, sing, walk and speak.

“He hasn’t had a visitor now for over a month.

“He has been in hospital now for 3 months and desperately needs rehabilitation in England.”

She added: “He had had a heart attack five years ago, so it wasn’t entirely a surprise.

“My mind immediately just went into arrangements to get myself and our son out there as soon as possible.”

Mr Sellers also caught Covid whilst in hospital, but avoided severe symptoms.

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