UK drivers ditch their cars as pothole-related breakdowns reach five-year high

The cost of repairing damage caused by potholes could put off a generation of drivers.

As the UK looks ahead to winter and the cost of living crisis continues to bite, thousands of people will be looking at how they can save money to make it through the winter.

This might mean buying less food or spending less money on expensive items, including car maintenance.

Now, experts are warning this tightening of budgets could cause people to sell up their vehicles, and stop driving altogether. has spoke to Volkswagen Financial Services UK’s Mike Todd about the situation.

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He said: “Only 40 percent of drivers feel they’d be financially prepared to pay for essential work needed on their vehicle.

“For some drivers, the cost of maintaining and running a car is deterring them from ownership, and a quarter have considered giving up driving because of vehicle upkeep costs.”

On potholes, Mr Todd said the impact of potholes was felt not just on the vehicle but on people’s pockets and cars too.

He said: “With pothole-related breakdowns at a five-year high, more drivers may be left contemplating the difficult decision to skip essential vehicle maintenance and repairs.”

Mr Todd added that one solution to stop the pothole crisis affecting the cost of living crisis would be to ensure roads are well maintained.

He said: “It’s vital that roads are kept in good condition to ensure the safety of all road users, and keep motorists on the road.

“The tightening of budgets brings increased appetite for options which enable costs to be spread out rather than paid in one lump sum, such as service plans.

“Almost two-thirds (58 percent) of drivers are interested in spreading the cost of vehicle maintenance in more manageable instalments.”

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The pothole crisis is worsening in the UK. According to the RAC, there are now more than two million potholes as breakdowns because of the craters rose to a five-year high.

RAC’s head of road policy Nicholas Lyes said: “Drivers won’t be surprised to hear pothole-related breakdowns are at their highest level for five years due to several spells of well below-average temperatures interspersed with some very wet conditions last winter.

“The fact councils are paying out money to drivers whose vehicles suffered pothole damage is another damning indictment of the state of our roads.”

“In an ideal world where roads are in a fit-for-purpose state, they wouldn’t need to be doing this at all.”

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