UK on brink of explosion in trade with key international partner after Brexit transition

Israel’s Ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev, outlined the importance for both countries in continuing the £9billion bilateral trade relationship. Mr Regev stated Britain is Israel’s “third-largest export market on the planet” following the United States and China.   

Speaking on leading British broadcaster Jonny Gould’s podcast, Jonny Gould’s Jewish State, Mr Regev said: “Israel has a good trade relationship with the United Kingdom.

“Over the last few years, every year we have seen it increase.

“I haven’t seen the precise numbers yet for 2019 but in all the previous years it has been a new record year in trade.

“We are up to about £9billion on bilateral trade which is significant and constantly growing.

“Trade that happened up until now under the framework of Britain being part of the European Union.

“Now that Britain is leaving the European Union we have to make sure that we continue to trade.”

He continued: “So we were one of the first off the mark to finalise a trade deal.

“To make sure that when the transition period is over we are ready to continue to see trade grow.

“People don’t know it but Britain is the largest market for Israeli goods in all of Europe.

“We sell more to Britain than we do to France, Italy or Germany.

“You are our third-largest export market on the planet after the United States and China and we are important trading partners.”

Last month a Game Theory expert told that Boris Johnson’s tactic of establishing a no deal Brexit as a viable option forced the European Union’s “back to the wall” during trade negotiations. 

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Dr Sebastian Moritz said: “What Boris Johnson basically did is from the very first minute he did everything he could in order to establish the no deal scenario as a viable option.

“Boris communicated it as not only a viable option but also an acceptable option for the Government.

“So that meant he was in a position to say to the EU these are the terms or we left with a no deal.

“Apparently that kind of logic combined with the new mandate he had from Parliament put the EU with their back to the wall.

“Against all their prior claims they opened the withdrawal agreement which they categorically ruled out earlier.”

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