UK treated to spectacular display of Northern Lights with more to come tonight

The northern lights were seen across the UK on Sunday and could appear again on Monday night, according to the Meteorological Office.

The Met Office tweeted a series of pictures taken by members of the public which captured the light phenomenon in North Uist in Scotland, North Wales, Cambridgeshire and Shropshire.

‘A coronal hole high speed stream arrived this evening combined with a rather fast coronal mass ejection leading to Aurora sightings across the UK,’ tweeted the national weather service.

In a separate tweet, it encouraged users to upload pictures of any other sightings using the hashtag #LoveUKWeather.

The Met Office also said there is a chance of seeing the northern lights again on Monday night.

It wasn’t just people on the ground that got to see the lights, passengers on a delayed flight from Norway caught the jaw-dropping display of northern lights from the sky.

An Essex photographer, Paul Botten, 50 managed to snap the vibrant colours on his iPhone at 30,000ft.

‘I was testing the capabilities of the IPhone 13 Max against DSLR cameras and was amazed to see the results, especially when unexpectedly seeing them on a blizzard-related delay out from Tromso,’ said Botten.

A Met Office spokesperson said the rare sightings of the aurora borealis further south in the UK on Sunday night were due to the ‘strength’ of a geomagnetic storm and the ‘strip of cloudless skies’ in southern regions.

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