UK weather: Sunshine and 26C highs arriving this week as UK gets blast of summer heat

Temperatures are set to soar to 26C as sunshine finally returns to the UK following a month of grey and gloomy weather.

Met Office forecasters say the nation will enjoy a blast of summer heat this week due to high pressure dominating, with Wednesday expected to see the hottest temperatures.

The mercury could hit highs of 24C (75F) in England and Wales, while western areas in Scotland and Northern Ireland could peak at 26C (79F).

Met Office forecaster Sarah Kent said: “High pressure is dominating this week bringing mostly settled conditions with variable amounts of cloud.

“However, there will be a north-easterly breeze coming in from the North Sea making it feel colder for some regions especially later on in the week.

“This all depends on the amount of cloud some regions see.”

UV and pollen levels will also be high across England and Wales this week.

But sadly it won’t be “wall-to-wall warm weather” all week, Ms Kent warned, as a cold front and north-easterly winds force the temperature down after Wednesday.

It comes after many areas were hit by downpours during what has been, for some, a wetter than average August.

Britain has been battered by heavy rainfall of late, including the City of London, which has experienced its ninth wettest August on record.

However, it has been a changeable month, with many parts of the nation enjoying the seventh warmest August ever.

It came after the hottest temperatures of the year back in July, climbing above 32C (90F) in some places.

Ms Kent added: “This month has pretty much swung back and forth for many, areas in Scotland have been drier than usual, while areas in the South East have, of course, seen plenty of torrential downpours.

“It hasn’t been so bad, the country has generally seen 72% of its average rainfall for the month so far, which is pretty much where you want to be as we come to the end of August.”

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