UK without the Royal Family is ‘too horrendous to contemplate’ – fans reject republicanism

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Research from YouGov shows Charles is only the sixth most popular royal behind Prince William, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Anne and Prince Philip. So an exclusive poll asked, “would you choose republicanism over Prince Charles when Queen dies?”

A republic is too horrendous to contemplate reader

The poll found 64 percent (3,357 people) would reject republicanism over Prince Charles when the Queen dies.

Some 34 percent (1,680 people) said they would choose republicanism and two percent (95 people) said they didn’t know.

A total of 5,132 took part in the online poll which opened at 1.30pm on Thursday December 3 and closed at 7.30am on Friday December 4.

One reader said: “The 12 top countries in the world, listed as the best to live, have a monarch as head of state. A republic is too horrendous to contemplate.”

Another said: “I am no fan of Charles and even less so of his wife but I would still rather see him succeed his mother than have a President.

“Charles is now 72 years old so his reign, when it eventually happens will not be long and we can look forward to the reign King William V and Queen Catherine.”

Another royal fan said: “I would not want to live in a republic and Charles will not be long on the throne.

“But even if he manages to cling on for dismal decades, I would still prefer the monarchy than a UK led by the likes of, say, Blair, Corbyn, Miliband, Cameron, Brown, Major, or God help us, Sturgeon or someone like her.”

And another said: “Once we lose the royal family we will never get it back but I cannot see how Charles can be King after revealing he is a globalist – a person that has derided populists and as such will work against the people and their democracy – and you cannot lead a country’s population like that.”

While Prince Charles appears to be less well-liked than the Queen, he is appreciated for his interest in the environment as well as his intelligence.

And, one royal expert has observed, he has gained much respect over the past few years, which will help him during his reign.

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond told Platinum magazine: “Certainly while the Queen remains on the throne and, eventually, Prince Charles, who’s commanded a lot of respect in recent years, there is something undeniably stable which helps the nation.

“It’s quietly comforting knowing that The Queen is there in the background and in the foreground when we want her.”

Over the past few weeks, Prince Charles has also been experiencing a wave of criticism and abuse online, with some Twitter users telling him they hope he will never become king.

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Criticism against him and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, appears to have increased after the fourth season of Netflix’s The Crown was released in mid-November.

The latest 10 episodes of this popular show have focused on the love triangle between Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Camilla.

The main group campaigning for an elected Head of State in the UK is Republic.

None of the three major political parties in Britain has an official policy on republicanism.

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