Ukrainians fleeing to Britain in cars exempt from vehicle tax

Ukrainians fleeing to Britain in their cars will be exempt from vehicle tax in a move aimed at making their arrival a “little easier”.

Around 178,000 refugees escaping the Russian invasion have come to the UK and a “significant” number arrive in cars or vans, according to the government.

Under the changes, visa holders will no longer have to pay the £55 vehicle registration fee or Vehicle Excise Duty of up to £325.

Treasury Minister Victoria Atkins said: “We want to make settling here as easy as possible for people who have bravely made the journey fleeing the war in Ukraine.

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“Paying road tax and registering a vehicle abroad can be confusing and time-consuming, so we are doing what we can to make life a little easier for our Ukrainian friends when they arrive.”

It comes on top of existing measures granting Ukrainians temporary relief from import duties on vehicles brought into the UK and changes to recognise driving licences.

Roads Minister Richard Holden said: “We are actively supporting Ukrainians in the UK, and this measure will help many go about their daily lives.

“Having listened to the concerns of those affected, I believe this step will have a positive impact for those who have fled from Putin’s illegal war.”

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