UK’s most dangerous places to live ranked in new map

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Northern England has been confirmed as the most dangerous area to live in the UK, the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show. While many may have earmarked London and Greater Manchester as the most violent, crime-afflicted areas in England and Wales, the northern county of Cleveland, which encompasses Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Cleveland and Stockton-on-Tees claimed the top spot.

It comes as it deals with an epidemic of knife violence. South west England proved to be the safest region to live on average, with Wiltshire recording just 58.1 crimes a year per 1,000 people, nearly 40 less than the national average.

The post-pandemic climate has proven difficult for Cleveland, on the contrary, with it now being dubbed the “crime capital of England”. It also suffers the highest rates of sexual offences.

Cleveland saw 139.6 crimes occur per 1,000 people according to the latest ONS figures. Of these, 35.8 were violent crimes.

Its deviancy figures were more than double that of neighbouring county North Yorkshire. Bar and pub security in the region have reported that more youngsters than ever are now carrying knives.

The latest data from Cleveland Police force, which is one of the UK’s smallest outfits, reported that they collected nearly 200 knives and sharp objects in one year.

Weapons that have been confiscated of late included machetes, 10-inch “Rambo” knives and canisters of CS gas – a powerful type of tear gas used to control riots.

Pictures of a 2017 collection also show an assortment of elongated Samurai swords.

In a desperate bid to help protect members of the public, volunteers in the area have started handing out “stab” packs to stem the never-ending tide of bloodshed.

The most notable incident in Cleveland from last year occurred in May, when a 26-year-old man suffered serious injuries outside The Keys in Yarm, near Stockton on Tees.

The victim survived the assault, which saw three people arrested and one man facing court accused of wounding.

The incident led The Keys to install an airport-style security gate to scan all customers entering the premises.

All of the top five areas for crime are in the north of England, and all come in well above the national average of 92.6 crimes.

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Further southwest, however, the living conditions become far safer, with Cornwall, Devon, Surrey and Hertfordshire all among the least troublesome places to live.

Wiltshire is the safest place to live in England and Wales, with the lowest rates of both crime and violent offences. Per 1,000 they have just 58.1 crimes a year – 24.1 of which are violent.

Despite what many Britons may have assumed, London does not even place in the top 10 most dangerous places to live in England, coming in 11th with 96 victim-based crimes per 1,000 people.

However, it is the number one worst place for robbery and theft.

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