UK’s worst seaside town ‘stuck 50 years in the past’ and is ‘truly awful’

UK holidaymakers looking for a domestic trip away to the seaside have been issued a stark warning by a dissatisfied traveller not to visit a popular beach on the east coast.

The Lincolnshire town of Cleethorpes has been slated by one visitor from Warwick, who claimed the place was “tacky” and “expensive”.

Taking to Tripadvisor to vent their frustration, the reviewer said of the town and its accompanying beach: “This is a river estuary and you can see the tankers passing in the distance. The sand is mud coloured and makes it hard to discern where the sand ends and the muddy river begins.

“It is no wonder people go abroad if this is a UK resort as it’s stuck about 50 years ago. Tacky cafes, shops and arcades, parking is difficult and is expensive.

“Don’t bother going here it is truly awful.”

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However, not everyone was quite as critical of Cleethorpes. 

In a Tripadvisor post by the account MikeandFlo, the seaside town was defended as having “sensibly priced” amenities that are “good fun”.

The reviewers said they visit the town around “five times a year”.

Meanwhile Brits have been warned to avoid what was one of the country’s best loved resorts, that is now a “dump”.

Torquay on the Devon coast was once considered a must-visit domestic holiday destination but again tourists have taken to Tripadvisor to express their horror at the condition of the sunny seaside town.

Despite being well-stocked with cafes, bars and restaurants, not mention the marina and long stretches of beach, one reviewer claimed Torquay was the “worst seaside town in the UK”.

The reviewer, who went by the username Peter G, said: “Wow! What a dump. And people think Blackpool’s bad.

“Torquay is a dirty, rough, horrible nasty dump full of drug addicts and empty buildings. Undoubtedly the worst seaside town in England. Even the harbour was grotty.”

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In a further swipe he added that the town “makes Blackpool look like heaven”.

Another disgruntled visitor added: “The main street was really run down with plants growing out of top floors and on rooftops.”

Despite the savage reviews left by some, Torquay actually commands a very respectable 4.5 out of five star rating on the website.

But it isn’t just UK resorts that have come in for criticism, as even mediterranean cities have copped flak from unimpressed guests.

Naples in the south-west of Italy was recently described as “crowded, dirty and smelly” by a Reddit user.

The reviewer, who went by the name FoldedTwice, said of the city: “It’s quite run-down, with some of the most visible poverty I’ve seen in Europe”.

They said: “The Centro Storico is a maze of winding passages and narrow streets with tall buildings, and can feel quite claustrophobic. 

“Much of this area is pedestrianised, but outside of it, the traffic is insane, pedestrian crossings are meaningless, and you’ve got to get used to just walking out into the road and hoping that cars will stop.”

Other Reddit users took to the comments to share their experiences of Naples, with women in particular, noting the harassment they suffered on their travels there.

One female user, called icanhe, said: “I wouldn’t say it’s unsafe, but the catcalling (as a woman traveler [sic]) was really annoying. Essentially non stop.”

“I live in NYC I’m familiar with a catcall here or there, but it was way more in Naples and sometimes followed by someone grabbing my a** which would make anyone uncomfortable. [sic]”.

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