Unbelievable! Fury after police find rude note on car after dealing with emergency

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Police from Telford and Wrekin deployed seven vehicles as well as an air ambulance, to a serious incident in Sutton Hill, Telford, on Wednesday night. Upon returning to one of the police cars, officers found a sheet of paper attached to the windscreen criticising the way the vehicle had been parked.

The note read: “This is private property NOT a parking space!!”

Telfod Corps then shared the image on social media and insisted they had not deliberately blocked the driveway, and said the car was only parked that way due to an “absolute emergency”.

In a post on Twitter the force said: “Whilst dealing with a serious incident along with @OFFICIALWMAS we found this sign left on 1 of the 7 police cars at the scene.

“Please be assured that we will never intentionally block a drive or properly unless it is an absolute emergency, like this was.”

In another post, the force added the time wasted to park a car properly can be the difference between life and death.

They added: “Air Ambulance was in attendance as well, very much a serious incident

“We never intentionally block driveways, but sometimes the situation means we can’t waste life-saving seconds parking up nicely.”

A number of users condemned the resident for leaving the note on the police car.

One user wrote: “Unbelievable let’s hope they never need you any emergency vehicles can block or even park on my drive any time and will if there’s time I’ll have the kettle on to.”

A second added: “Feel free to block my drive/property in an emergency anytime. Some people are absolute idiots!”

A third user commented: “Some people!!! I’m sure if it was a family member of theirs, they would want you on scene as soon as possible. Keep up the good work. Stay safe.”

Meanwhile, a fourth simply said: “What is wrong with the community.”

This is not the first time a police car has been targeted by members of the public.

In February, a policeman revealed a note was left on his patrol car after he had stopped at Tesco.

In a post on Twitter, the officer said he had spent the previous seven hours attending to a grieving family who had a lost a baby, before taking a break get something to eat.

Upon returning to his vehicle, he found a note on the windscreen that read: “£100 fine for shopping on duty”.


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The officer using the Twitter handle NorthWestCop wrote: “Just left Tesco. Handwritten note on the windscreen of my patrol car. ‘£100 fine for shopping on duty’.

“If only I could tell the person who wrote it that I have just spent the last 7 hours at the sudden death of a baby. I’d bought a sandwich.

“We’re not robots. #BeKind#WoundUp.”

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