Uncle of Kenneth Noye’s road rage victim slams BBC portrayal as ‘hero’

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The BBC has been slammed for portraying Kenneth Noye as a loveable rogue in its drama series The Gold by the family of one of his victims. Stephen Cameron’s uncle, Gary Cameron, said: “The BBC has made Noye out to be some kind of good guy when he is a cold-blooded murderer.”

Gary added: “They have made him out to be some sort of Robin Hood character, taking from the rich. It’s unbelievable.

“I watched the first episode and was disgusted when I saw they have portrayed him as a nice guy, some sort of loveable rogue, which is completely wrong.”

He told MailOnline: “The man is a villain who is a ruthless double killer.”

The BBC has been approached for comment.

Noye was jailed for life in 2000 for killing 21-year-old electrician Stephen, during a fight on a slip-road next to the M25 in Swanley, Kent.

Often described as one of Britain’s most notorious gangsters, Noye fled the UK in a friend’s private helicopter after the murder.

Police traced him to Spain in 1998 where he was arrested as he ate in a restaurant after he was identified by Stephen’s fiancee, Danielle Cable, who witnessed the murder.

Noye was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 1986 for the part he played in the Brink’s-Mat gold bullion robbery at Heathrow three years earlier. He served eight years.


During the investigation into the airport raid, Noye stabbed an undercover detective to death outside his home.

The robbery was at the Heathrow International Trading Estate in west London on November 26, 1983. It is widely recognised as one of the largest heists in British criminal history.

Noye served 20 years for Stephen’s murder and was released in 2019. He now features as the main character in The Gold, and is played by Jack Lowden.

Stephen’s murder is not featured in the series, but his death is mentioned in the end credits.

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Gary told MailOnline Stephen’s parents Ken and Toni never got over their son’s death.

He said: “If Ken was alive today, he would have been appalled by the series.

“He had come to terms with Noye being released, but he never got over his son’s death. He was a broken man from when Stephen died in 1996 and took his own life a year ago. He was so close to Stephen and from the moment he died he changed.

“We used to go out to play snooker, but that all stopped. He just became a shell of what he was and was a broken man. His wife Toni was never the same.”

Since the first episode of The Gold was broadcast on Sunday, Noye is reportedly “over the moon” with the way he has been portrayed on screen.

A friend of Noye told MailOnline: “Kenny is over the moon. The media always put him up as a 24/7 ruthless thug, but he wants people to accept that he has served his time and lives his life quietly and is in a loving relationship.”

Noye is also believed to have cooperated for a new book about the Brinks-Mat robbery and Stephen’s murder.

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